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  1. F R O M : Which Countries are the Most (numbers / proportions of) Wealthy People (HNWIs) Leaving ?
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  2. T O : Which Countries are (most of) these HNWIs currently heading -- at least initially ?
Below is the answer (to the 1st question) according to the the most Authoritative 2021 Study Conducted by AfrAsia Bank, and Published by STATISTA.
Chart - The Countries that MILLIONAIRES are LEAVING
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The Millionaire+ Class in the EU, UK, Swirzerland, USA (and Canada) Australia New Zealand and many other Wealthy, Stable and Mature (advanced / developed) economies are very conversant with the 2nd Passport concept, and regularly utilize it.

Our research suggests that a few more countries could also be included in the 1st List (countries HNWIs are leaving / wanting to leave) : South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh. There are others, but those have smaller populations, and / or have few HNWIs.